Speedy Matters

Those who knows me well, knows that I’m an inpatient person on the road. I just don’t know why when I’m behind the wheel, my adrenaline just runs through my body. But after awhile driving, it seems like I’m not alone. There are people who are like that as well and some even worst.

But what really makes it worst are some drivers were driving slowly on the fast lane. And when you flash them out of respect, they couldn’t be bothered, when you honk them they give you one kind of look like you are at fault. Sometimes I just wonder what these people are thinking. Did they ever think what if the car behind is rushing for some emergency. Just because of that one car not giving way could have cause major damage or even live. Did it ever cross your mind that this might happen.

And of course there are some who just want to pick a fight with you. First they just comes from no where tailing right behind your car. As you move to the side to let it pass, somehow it just follows you and getting closer by the seconds. In this situation, what would you do? For me, I would stick to the classic case, hit the breaks. Of course be smart on hitting the breaks, not to a total halt, that might just destroy your car. Even if it did, claims his/her insurance since he/she the one who hit you on the back.

So I guess the best part is, when people who are speeding just let them through and when you are speeding, try not to get too bothered by the person who’s blocking your way. Find alternative. When you tail people, I’m sure there are people would tail you too. It’s an endless cycle, choose not to stay in the cycle. This is a reminder for me as well.



Anonymous said...

wow.. did you blog that? haha.. opps.. XS


Ken said...

Yes I blogged that to remind myself and you too :P. BTW can you like sign in as your name and not anonymous.

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