Where Is The Heart?

A new semester has started, I’ve yet to discover a good student among 20 of them. What really happen? Sometimes I wonder why do they come to art school, is it because of passion or simply because they are not the studying type?

I’m lecturing in this particular class that requires a studio assignment and home assignment. Studio assignment is supposed to be done in the college and I don’t expect it to be done within the 4 hours as design requires a lot of thinking and conceptualizing. But there are some students like rushing to catch a train and simply sketch out something without thinking. It is obvious the work is being done without any effort and heart.

Of course these kinds of students are everywhere and if it doesn’t appear in my class, they would be in some other lecturer’s class. Then again thanks to these kinds of students, they only helps to reflect how other students work are better. At least there is a comparison.



Nininja said...

I hv had this ??? since I joined full time. I hv no idea y youngsters nowadays hv no heart at all. They do assignments just bcoz they must do to pass d sem. Its not bcoz they want to learn n b better. No matter how long U gv them to finish it, it will end up d same. They will just keep aside d work n until last minute, some even do nothing or mayb forgotten bout it. I just feel that they dont deserve to learn when lots of others who really want to learn couldnt hv d chance to learn. They r just so annoying. Not only didnt respect to d school, d lecturer, n also d classmates!!

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