Student's Work; Apartment Living (pt.3)

Furniture Layout Plan

Featuring this time, another student’s work, back to the condo project. The used of color is not as good as the earlier condo project I’ve featured earlier but still it actually up to the standard compared to the most of the students in the class.

The space planning still needs some improvement but yet it is not too bad. Used of color still some too loud but overall the design ideas are there. Some minor set back would be dimension on the elevations are not enough. As this information are important during discussion and meeting.

There are definitely rooms for improvements. Just be more observant in design and everything around us. Everything is design for a purpose and when you look at images on magazines or in TV, try to strip everything off and you will actually see the actual design and it’s nothing much. What makes it nice is all the accessories being placed in the right positions with the right lighting.

Sectional Elevations

Living Room


Son's Room

Daughter's Room



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