The Future Is Near

Is the future or sci-fi movies we see, is just a step away from our daily lives. Technologies are advancing, everything seems possible nowadays. I am to share with you how technologies have advanced, practically everything is wireless and paperless. I guess there are pros and cons in everything we do. I just wonder whether this advancement is being useful or not?

This is what Microsoft have created and it is really cool. You can just download image from you camera by placing on top of the screen, order your F&B through the screen even pay through the screen. You practically don't have to move around to ge things done. Is this good or bad? As technologies getting more advance and we human getting more lazy because everything is just at our finger tips.



-Lek Wei- said...

The technologies advancement sure have pros and cons. If too depend on the technologies, we will become fatter and lazier like the human beings in Wall-E movies.

yoon see said...

Let's look at the positive side for sure:)
Btway, PJ College is a good college.
I am from Modern Institute of Interior Design 1993 and continue my syudy in LIM KOK WING in 1999 to 2000.
To bad not involve in much ID jobs now...
but glad to find somethings more suitable for me, hope the same goes to you Ken.
Have a great weekend Ken:)

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