Cruel Intention

Once upon a time, I heard story that would never happen in my lifetime but only in movies and dramas you watch in TV. Listening first hand of this story from the deceased sister really shows me that, all kind of people do live among us, wolf in sheep skin.

The story was about this young couple who fell in love with each other in their college years. But as time goes by, the girl was actually demanding the boyfriend to help her with her assignments. Seems like the girl was not really of a bright student and yet she wanted to get a scholarship from the university. Instead of working very hard for the scholarship, she worked very hard to force the boyfriend to do her assignments for her.

Eventually when the guy refuse to do, she would actually get mad and beat the boyfriend and force him to her assignments for her in order for her to get her scholarship. As you can see that, the guy loved her very much and would give in and help her to do her assignments for her. One fine day, the boyfriend has meet with an accident and broke his arm and couldn't even do his own homework. But because he loved her so much, he would again help her to do her assignments despite his own condition as she would actually beat him if he refuses.

When the day comes and she got her scholarship, she actually have the guts to actually tell the guy's family that she actually love his son for his talent and not him in person. As the guy heard it and he got so depress and upset, finally he couldn't take the pain anymore and committed suicide. It is a sad ending for the guy. With no remorse and no tears shed, she moved on her live with her scholarship.

After listening to such story, I never knew such person existed. I do know people who manipulate others but to that extend that could cause someone live. Sometimes i just wonder should this kind of people live among us, but I guess there are definitely monster among us who is dress in human skin and live among us. I guess we need to be extra caution when it comes to friendship and relationship.



bluecrystaldude said...

Oh God. This is just plain cruel! I can't believe for myself there is someone like her.. I am glad you posted this. It serves as a good remainder for all of us!

Yumi said...

omg..i think i know who...omg..u actually talked to the brother??

yoon see said...

Yeah, thanks for your reminder Ken.
How sad to listen to a true story like this. We just have to be more careful!

nath said...

wow...ouch...agree with you ken,nowadays v just can't trust wat we see...

Ken said...

Looks can be deceiving, that is all I can say :)

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