In Loving Memory of Zenki

Early this morning about 6am I received a SMS from a friend telling me that one of our friends just past away around 12am October 6, 2008. He is a very talented young man in Chinese literature, I may not know him that very well but a few months outing with him is more than enough to know he is a very nice person and fun to be with.

As I'm writing this, tears just flow from my eyes. I only get to know him for few months and since then he has fallen ill and stayed at home in Seremban. I only got to visit him once before he actually got so ill that he barely could walk. All he can do is to lay almost motionless in bed and even talking seems to be a problem, which I heard from my friend who is very close to him. Even by hearing it from my friend it just breaks my heart that such talented young man have to leave us.

As you can see the Chinese calligraphy that he has given me means a lot to me. I may not know the true meaning of it as I don't read Chinese but I'm sure it is something nice. This piece of Calligraphy is priceless to me even though we were friends less than a year but now he lives on in my heart.

If anyone knows what it meant, please do write to me and let me know. Thank you!



Anonymous said...

Rainbow is the soul of clouds, flowers will look more lively if there is bee around.

Ken said...

Thank you!!!

Wei Khean said...

very beautiful writing... and sorry about the lost of your friend. May he rest in peace.

Phirence said...

Thanks Ken,
Zenki will very happy if he know his Calligraphy brings happiness and nice memories to others. He always proud of his talented on it, and the only things he left to us...... and sure the happy memories as well....

He will always live in our heart. I was crying when i reading and writting this comment to you. All the memories came out suddenly....

Ken said...

I totally understand. He left us much much earlier, probably for his own good. Since he has been suffering and struggling for so long. Sad that he has left us, but glad that his suffering is over.

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