Test Your Color IQ

I came across this color test few days ago at How About Orange blog. It is a very interesting blog, if you love arts and crafts please do drop by and have a look. Since I'm in the Art & Design field of profession so take some time to do the test and I failed miserably. See how good you are with the hue of colors. Just click on the image and it will direct you to the test. Trust me, it may look as easy as A B C or even 1 2 3, just do the test and you will know how hard it is.

Don't bother asking me how much I got, I did so bad that I'm just too shameful reveal my score. Take the test and find out yourself. Enjoy!!!

Let me rephrase myself, being the 0 in fact being perfect then I can said I did not bad after all. Then having 0 means I'm damn good. I'm not old as I thought I was.



Wei Khean said...

thanks for the link... i took the test too... kinda fun but a bit tricky... :)

I won't tell u my score either... haha

Ken said...

It's OK. Cause I really did badly, I wonder is it a sign of old age. LOL!!!

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