Liquor Stall - Preliminary Round 2

1st Proposal

Revision 1

Finally had a meeting on Monday and some minor changes has been done to the original design to cater for more storage space. Besides that the client require the actual wine bottles to be place into the display area with the respective brands of the wine involved. The client was actually giving me a mission impossible to have the 3D by Wednesday afternoon.

I commission a friend to do the 3D and I'll do all the technical drawings. It actually take up quite some time to actually do the final render. So I've to actually burn midnight oil to get all my technical drawings done and emailed out to my friend to work on the 3D. Besides that the client did not provide enough image for the bottles to be displayed and I need to search the internet for images.

I'm really glad that my friend could actually finish it up by Wednesday morning for me to email out by noon. I'm keeping my finger crossed, that they buy my design and get it over with. So far the emails that has been bouncing around the people involved and yet there is not complain.



-Lek Wei- said...

Good.. finally your projected is accepted. so don't forget my McD after get the pay. ^^

Ken said...

LOL...sure ice cream cone ;)

Wei Khean said...

Good luck... i had a long and rush week to prepare for a proposal for Unilever too... crazy week and reached home almost midnite past 2 days... :(

Ken said...

No wonder, hardly see you online @ the usual time. Anyway I think my design has been accepted. Yay!!!

yoon see said...

Hope everything goes well with this Ken. Then close case cepat-cepat!
Revisions especially on technical matters take too much time....that I dislike.

Ken said...

Yeah i know. Sometimes I "kan cheong" but my client not. really headache.

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