Child Abuse

Saw a post by a caring mother, Nessa on "Monster Among Us". In her post is about child abuse and I did something similar about it called "I Wish My Parents Were Animal", if you have miss out that post you can definitely drop by and have a look. During then I could not locate the video I wanted to put up by the Ministry of Social Affair, with this video it says it all.

Have a look at the video and think who are more human, us or the animals?



-Lek Wei- said...

^^ so lucky i'm the 1st one post comment here.

the small gal was abused. so pity. sometime really wish their parent are animals. treat their child with more love.

Ken said...

My competition for Christmas still haven't start. LOL!!! anyway it's not for 1st comment but the best comment ;)

-Lek Wei- said...

what u mean by the best comment? haha.. the constructive comments? haha..

okok. em.. last few days i saw animal abuse in youtube. mayb u can write about this topic. the animals are so pity... =(

Ken said...

I think I did blog about that too...or something like that. No worries about the contest.. I'm planning towards the contest ;)

Nessa said...

Yup, the video definitely says it all. I like mama Panda most, she's so loving :)

Too much cruelty and violence in the world today... I shudder to even think about the future!

Thanks for the mention & link.

Ken said...

No need thank me, bring up this issue is always the priority. On and off we hear child being abuse to death. This is just so sick!

nath said...

yea...once again...its one of the reason y i like animals...they are much more ''human-like' in soo many ways compare to ''homo sapien'' can hardly look into a human & find pure heart that appears in thousands of animals...N you don have to ''fake-it-out'' while hanging out with animal,...

yoon see said...

Yeah, I do agree with you Ken, the animals here are more human:)

Ken said...

It is an animal instinct that, they must take care of their babies. But as we human who has intelligent abuse it.

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