Magic with Interior Design

As an Interior Design, we are face with all the challenges we could think of like limited space, limited height & etc. But with much thought and research, all these things can be overcome by how good you use materials to create the space you required. The right selection of materials are important and the most important part of design is always think of the termination point. How is the termination point is going to be. If it is exposed, how to conceal it neatly and how one material meets the other material, how is this two material termination going to be. All these are major things that we need to look into.

image 01

As you can see in image 01, Mirror has been used to created depth to the timber trellis on the right and yet at the same time to conceal the powder room.

image 02

Here in image 02, the challenge is to create a security door by night and a feature wall by day.

image 03

In image 03, the full height window looking down to dining, usually decorate with curtains. But in this case a pocket wave panel door to act as the curtain and gives a more exclusive TV area then the conventional ones.



Emila Yusof said...

Ken! I am amazed with your talent and your chosen materials! You have a very fine taste! One day, when I have the money, I will commission you to decorate my house!

Ken said...

LOL!!! Sure no problem. It's by working with a good company you get to learn a lot. I really thank my previous company that I get to learn a lot of things.

Only by experience you get to learn and see different things.

Wei Khean said...

good details are very important in a good design... and i agree that a company's culture is important in cultivating good design details... that's the way in my office now. It can be tough sometimes, but when we see the end result, it's all worth the effort. :)

Ken said...

Yeah, totally agree with WK, that is why at times, I feel like going back to work in an office environment though it sucks but I still think that, there are more to learn. New ideas are being created everyday, so is materials as well.

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