Sick In The Head

Just a few weeks back, shocking news hit the headlines of some local newspapers. Husband and wife beat to death with helmet and broomstick. What was more shocking is, it involved two families and even the family members like their children as well. What was the reason that the families beat each other to death, to get rid of bad luck or negative vibes?

Who would do such a thing to resolve their problems? Almost everybody rely on religion to help them to storm their way through their problems or bad times. But what made them believes in some occults? Is it when a person who is in desperate needs, when any religion approaches, it seems like a way out even to do some crazy things like beating the hell out of you, or even having sex with the medium himself?

What is it that they are thinking in their heads? How could they believe in such a absurd religion? I guess when a person is vulnerable, it is always easy to get their attentions. Besides that, I also respect the leader of the occult that he, one person could actually convince the whole group of people that the things he does are right in the eyes of God. There was a case in the United States where the occult leader managed to convince the whole group of people to commit mass suicide.

Where did he get the power to do it? Or simply the people who followed him have weak mind and vulnerable, easy target for the occult groups. Sometimes I just wonder why these people have to walk such a path. Isn't there any more other ways to get you in the better situation or a better life then to believe in something that is totally absurd?



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