Ads That Goes Wrong

While driving, I always take some time to look at some billboard ads, as they are so big that it really catch your attention. Some ads are really worth giving praise and some I wonder why it made it through and out on these big billboards.

There is this ads from Kurnia at the Damansara interchange, it is quite contradiction to me as you can see the big text that reads "Jangan SMS ketika memandu" which mean "Do not SMS while driving" in English. But if you look in detail, the mother and child are busy talking as well. Then why not put "Jangan bersembang bila melalu lintas" which means "Do not busy chatting away while crossing" in English. I'm sure they can produce better ads then an ad that contradict each other.

Sometimes I found these ads entertaining as it really didn't bring out the meaning it meant to be. As I remembered there was a printer ads at the Kerinchi flyover along Federal Highway. The use of language are so good, with a big slogan that reads "Pencetakkan tanpa jam". At times I wonder is that in English or Malay? If you were to fully read it in Malays, it is suppose to be "Printing without clock". The word "jam" in Malay language means "clock", but they mixed up all the language in the ads and I find it hilarious and totally unprofessional as an Advertising company.

I'll share more funny ads if I find any, and probably list them down to the "Hall of Lame".



Anny said...

U do have a very good eye Ken!

-Lek Wei- said...

haha.. ken, u really picked a hole in the ads. ya o. as i know, u also one of the driver who likes to sms or call when driving. right? ^^

Ken said...

anny: I guess i'm an interior designer so i need to be observant :)

lek wei: yeah I do sms while driving so that is why you can't just put the blame us the driver, sometimes the pedestrian also @ fault.

bout talking, there is a thing call hands free ;)

-Lek Wei- said...

u still remember the accident?! so pls don't sms when you're driving with companies. =D and buy a hands free.

Ken said...

Already got it. That accident was actually bz talking to you. :p

Cindy's Crafty Bites said... really did good at analyzing those billboards :D

haha, like reading them..looking forward on your billboards ads search that you are going to list it out in your "hall of lame"..:D


yoon see said...

Brilliant & interesting:)
My internet connection here is slow and infected by virus...perhaps you can suggest something good...or write an article about this.

Ken said...

um...i'm not graphic designers and I don't study anything related to it. I'm just giving my side of opinion :)

Mariuca said...

LOL! Jgn bersembang ketika lalu-lintas it seems he he, good one Ken!

Eh faster la get ur own domain he he, very fast one LOL!! :):):)

Ken said...

It's true marzie, if one sembang and the other sms...die hard la like that :D

regarding getting my own think saving 2 get myself a laptop so i can bring around n comment :D

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