Domo Arigato (Thank You Very Much)

Just recently I receive another award, "I Wuv Your Blog" and this time is from another blogger friend Yoon See. As you can find her link under my Artistic Thread.

And now I guess it is about time for me to return something back to my fellow bloggers which I known them randomly through blogging and of course to my friends as well. I've taken some time off to design something specially for you, with my initial KO - Ken Ong/Knock Out.

And now I'm presenting this award to:
Emila (Emila Illustrated Blog) - thank you for everything
Yoon See (Greener Pasture) - thank you for your comments
Mariuca a.k.a Marzie (Wishing On A Falling Star) - thank you for making me laugh @ Emila's blog
Nessa (Mumblings) - thank you for ......just being around :)
Anny (all i wanna do is p...) - thank you for all the nice pix and info about animals
Wei Khean (Life Is A Series of Fireworks) - thank you for being a faithful fan
Lek Wei (Mystery Zone) - thank you for being another faithful fan too
last but not least my buddy Phirence (废人· 滩) - thank you for the good and bad times togather
And of course I would like to thank all my students who has been dropping by, you know who you are and your comments are much appreciated and it gives me more reason to post more things for your reading pleasure.



Anny said...

wow! cool award! thanks a lot Ken... I am honoured. WOW! now i paiseh.. tq tq tq

Ken said...

why paiseh? don't have too. :)

yoon see said...

Thanks too. I am most honoured to receive such great award from a good blogger friend like you ken:)

Nessa said...

Wah, a Knock Out Blog some more! Brilliant idea to use your initial :)

Happy to be... around here and there... hehe

Enjoy your weekend!

yoon see said...

Thanks for your comments:)
This week IF is "wise", look like your Knock Out Blog really says so!!!
Btw, what software you are using to do this incredibly beautiful award design Ken?
Merry rest days....

Ken said...

I use a few software. As I'm a AutoCAD user. The other software is Illustrator to do the effects.

I'm still exploring and learning how to use Illustrator.

Hv a great weekend ;)

-Lek Wei- said...

KO!!!! what a nice award.
thx for the honour.
you hv any ideas for the next award? =D

Ken said...

I've actually created a few...just wonder who to give to....LOL

Emila Yusof said...

Hi KenKen! I'm back!!! Thank you so much for the award! Love it!

Ken said...

You are most welcome and deserve it. and thank you for the tioman fridge magnet :)

Mariuca said...

Ken yg hensem itu!!! Thanks a million for remembering me with this lovely award. It has been awesome getting to know u at Emila's, so let's mengomen away later he he! BIG HUGS! :):):)

Ken said...

about mengomen...I think u win does takes a lot of my energy just to sit there and comment :) yeah it's been a great pleasure "sembang" with you @ Emila's blog

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