Altering Fate

Both my friend and I had nothing to do after lunch, so we decided to catch a movie called "The Coffin". The reason for watching it because my friend wanted to see Karen Mok as she is one of the main actress in this Thailand horror movie.

Basically the story is about how you can change your fate by lying in the coffin and some ritual will be perform to it. Once the ritual is done, all bad curse bad will be removed but somehow it will transfer to the one that is close to your heart, family members or loved ones, and these people will eventually haunt you. The cycle of life has been interrupted, in order to restore the circle of life, one has to undo the ritual again.

To be frank, this is one of those not so scary ghost story I have watched so far compare to other great ghost movie from Thailand. But what really caught my attention was, would you actually do anything to alter your fate, to cheat death? God already has a plan for everyone of us, by altering your fate will it alter everything in your life as well? What are the circumstances that we have to face after the alteration? Are we ready to face the challenges that comes our way?



Anny said...

scary man! even the poster spooked me out.. haha.. no scary movies pls..

Fate is fate.. fate cannot be altered.

Ken said...

ya, I think it spooks me out too, when I see it @ night.

-Lek Wei- said...

Next time let's watch some terror movies again. ^^

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