All the dress shown are by Keith Kee Couture

This is one of the biggest fashion show I am involved in so far and it is for Style Wedding, Glamour Bash which involve our very talented local Couture & Wedding dress Designers
Keith Kee and Carven Ong. I'm very honoured that I'm a part of this wonderful event.

The day starts as early as 8am but I was early as I don't like people to wait for me. While I sat at the Mahkota Ballroom, Istana Hotel the beautiful models slowly show up. Once my employer, Mr. Benjamin Toong from Runway Productions show up, the work begins.

The models rehearse one round on the stage with the music as I make sure the models where in queue who is suppose to be out next. Once the practice is done, break time for the models to have their breakfast while waiting for the hair dresser and make up artist to show up. I'll make sure all the models are ready to get their hair and make up done and know where all the models would be.

As the time draw closer, I get more nervous as I did not do a good job in the previous fashion shows. Since this is a much bigger event, it is nerve wracking for me. As the emcee starts to announce "Let the show begins" all I got to do is concentrate and listen for the queue. Somehow the walkie-talkie between me and my boss has problem, there were some hick-ups. But overall the show went well, nothing major mistake except for one part where the models went out without the music.

This is actually another life experience for me that I would never dreamt that I would be involved in the fashion industry. Thank you Benjamin Toong from Runway Productions for giving such great opportunity.

All you beautiful people out there, be it pretty girls or handsome guys, if you're interested to be in the fashion industry or appear in some print ads or TV commercial (tvc) and of course, for those of you who need models and talents please contact as shown below.

Benjamin Toong
tel: 012 4830 677
email: runway_productions@yahoo.com



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Congratz on your success! :),

Take care
I drop by here today :D


yoon see said...

Thanks for your sharing ken, you sure have a great time:)
Carven Ong the fashion designer.... I have 2 "Carven Ong" pants, I just love his design, cool!

Ken said...

Carven is also a very nice person :) very down to earth.

Ken said...

Cindy...Thx :)

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