Mariuca's Teddy Bear

My dear blogger friend Mariuca a.k.a. Marzie, who I've only known for I guess less then a month is having a contest for her blog because it is her blog Wishing On A Falling Star second blogvesary. Anybody who is interest can join in the contest if you like this teddy bear so much. All competitors are definitely welcome, the more the merrier!!! Need to know the rules and regulations, just goes to her blog Wishing On A Falling Star to find out more.

Congrats on your 2nd blogvesary and wishing all the falling stars never stop falling in you beautiful blog and wishing all the wish you want.

Mariuca's Teddy Bear,
Needs a name to bear.
The contest winner gets the bear,
I'm here to claim the bear.
Donnie is the name for the bear,
So, do i get the bear?

Dolly needs a friend,
She is lonely sitting here.
Donnie comes as friend,
And live happily here.



Mariuca said...

Wah wah wah Ken ha ha!!! Nak teman dolly dia ye? LOL!!

Mariuca said...

Very good reason, I agree ur dolly does need a fren he he! :)

Mariuca said...

And I do like the name Donnie, dulu I had a crush on Donnie Wahlberg from NKOTB ha ha!! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Tenkiu Ken for entering Mariuca's Blogversary contest! I will add Donnie to my list of entries now, good luck to u and it's been swell getting to know u at Emila's! :):):)

Ken said...

same same...nice know you too...byk berkenalan kat Emila's Illustrated Blog... ;)

BTW NKOTB got new album... x beli ke?

yoon see said...

You and Marzie are now good friend and also good competitor:)

Emila Yusof said...

Hehehe Hi Donnie!!

yoon see said...

Yeah, I just came back from Marzie & Nessa's blogs, very interesting...
There are a few unique names...

Sweet poems:
The "Name Poem" and the "Reason Poem" sure will win. Have confident:)

Ken said...

LOL...just though of it.

Emila: now dolly got fren if menang la...LOL

Nick Phillips said...

Wah Ken, you also want to win this bear, ah? And you guys all so committed, how to win la like this for me.

Oh, I'm that Spiff fellows alter-ego by the way :D

Ken said...

nick...just be yourself and come out with something original and cute or think out of the box.

who knows mayb I'll hold a contest next...LOL

diyadeary said...

ken.. nice 'pantun' there!
name donnie some more..
dolly & donnie..
sweet together!
but ali will beat donnie..

p/s: hilang mana ken?

Ken said...

LOL All de best dgn Ali den...see who's better.

BTW I've been bz dgn kerja.

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