High End Crates for Pets

Travel Dog's House

Here are some of the better crates compare to the earlier post which Spiff, The Spaceman says it looks like tudung saji (cover for food). Now what you see here are definitely crates that are probably the Louis Vuitton status compare to the bird cage like crates. Any rich dog lovers might just get one of these crates for their lovely, adorable pets. At times I just wish I'm the pet to these rich owners, their lives are like princes and princesses.

Good Life

Transparent Dog's House

Temple Dog's House

Nomad Dog's House

Doooog's House

To find out more about these high end crates, can take a look at them at Dog is a god.



yoon see said...

Yeah, how lucky to be a dog here:)

Ken said...

I think these dogs are still ok. Not as good as those who actually inherit the owner's will when the owner dies. That is what I call lucky LOL :D

I wonder how the spend the money? LOL

Nessa said...

Wow, so stylo la these pet houses... I feel like living in one!! :D

Ken said...

I tell you, nowadays pets are living more luxurious then us... ~sigh~


Emila Yusof said...

NOw I want to be a dog hehe!

Ken said...

to beautiful right the crates...it's totally out of the world...LOL

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