Pack Of Stray Dogs

It just happen in the wee hours in the morning about 1am as I was watching One Million Star, the singing competition. I suddenly heard dogs barking and like fighting just right behind my house. I quickly went to the back of my house and open the wooden back door and saw a bunch of dogs were actually got my cat cornered. I was shouting to chase away the dogs while I open the door. Lucky the dogs ran away after I went out. Then I saw my cat come to me unharmed, thank goodness he is OK.

At times, I wonder where these pack of stray dogs came from, last time when I use to stay upstairs and I witness this incident that these pack of dogs actually attack the cute little bunnies that my cousin rare in the garden. When I look down from the balcony and one of the dogs actually look at me with a fierce looking scary eyes. I would still remember the image and it is almost evil like stare, that really send chill to my bone. Ever since then I actually had some phobia approaching a pack of dogs. You will never know that they might just attack you too.

These pack of stray dogs just come and go, untraceable. Have you ever wonder, where would their hide out be? Dogs are cute but not when you see a pack of ferocious dogs, that is an ugly site almost evil to me. They just attack whatever that comes in their way be it dogs, cat or probably people, how scary.

Thank goodness Grey were unharm.



nath said...

Lol,talk a bout a pack of dogs, i remember when i was 8th years old, i got acttack by a bunch of dogsss,lead by a big black color one...then d "leader" jump n bit me.....i remember touching my own flesh somemore (fresh one,hehe...)..well....a pack of dog IS scary, but since then, i kinda like dogsss.....

Ken said...

well I guess yours is a special case. Cause usually they will have phobia after that. :)

-Lek Wei- said...

"one place cant hide cats and dogs"
so either cat or dog... =)

Ken said...

I don't hide the cats and dogs. besides all are welcome except those ferocious evil looking dogs. ;)

Yumi said...

poor cat...haiz..all those dogs..tsk tsk tsk..mbpj shud come...

Ken said...

Even if MBPJ comes, they might just mishandle the dogs. Because I did read an article about it and ended up the dogs got wounds here and there.

TH said...

I think stray dogs are fierce

Ken said...

Not necessary TH, cos I do feed another stray dog that is across the street. But I guess when they are in a pack it is different case.

Yumi said...

ken, u're such a caring person...dogs and cats...
but true...pity those dogs..i even heard dat..after they capture it..if they're not adopted..gonna stay in the cage til they die.

Ken said...

There are time, when dogs are in captive may not be a bad thing. @ least the dogs have their proper meals and take care off.

Better than to stay out on the street, don't know when will the next meal be.

yoon see said...

Of course, stray dogs are mostly dirty...smelly....
I had been chased by them before.
Lucky me...nothing major break down....

Ken said...

not all stray dogs are ferocious, and definitely not all are tame too...just depends how unlucky we are :)

Anny said...

Strays are abandoned dogs that maybe were once very loved by someone.. or some kid. Dogs are usually not ferocious unless they are provoked. Each time they are provoked, they get more ferocious to defend themselves. They are very scared. And that is why they moved in packs to defend themselves better. Don't even try messing with them.
Dogs that are caught by the municipality are usually put to sleep unless they are adopted quickly or channeled some where like SPCA where they are overloaded too. Dogs are like humans, all they want is just to be loved.

Ken said...

Agree with you that dogs too like human needs to be loved. But I guess at times just are just beyond out control :(

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