Malaysian Timing

Living as Malaysian has always been my pleasure but having to tolerate Malaysian timing is always a big NO! Up till now, I've always try to make it on time or early for every appointment be it friends, colleagues or clients.

After so many years, there are times that I'm totally use to waiting, but there are times I'm totally irritated by it. Of course, I don't claim that I'm always perfect on time or even early. But as a responsible person, I would contact the person who I'm suppose to meet that I would be late and for how long it would take me to reach. I know how it feels to wait and wait and not knowing what to do during the time while waiting. At least inform the person how long it takes, so that he/she would find other things to do while waiting, this is just simple ethic that one should know.

I serious wonder what happen to this simple ethic among us, it seems like it has totally vanish from their daily lives. There was once, I went for an interview and I waited more then half an hour for the interview, in the end I left the place without an interview. Reason I left was, firstly they don't respect me as a person, second is that the interviewer saw me sitting there waiting but he went out to smoke with his colleagues knowing he is already late for the interview. I don't wish to work for a company that don't have simple ethics to just apologize for being late and inform me how long more I will have to wait. I even went there early to fill in the forms and yet he don't show any respect for me.



yoon see said...

Yeah, it's very true...
we need to know the urgency of time, value of to set priority to be on time...
It's a respect to other as to ourself.

Too bad, not many care about this!

Anny said...

err... i m most of the time early or punctual. But my sister is super Malaysian timer :) hahaha.. going anywhere with her usually leave me agitated... but.. what are sisters for.

-Lek Wei- said...

the nasty guy really horrible. he late for the interview, some more he went to to smoke. he indeed don't understand what call respect. and he didnt respect himself as well.

Keith KJ Leong (K3!tH KJ L3OnG) said...

yap, this is so true..
this usually happens during wedding dinner as well, the dinner is always delay due to people who are so-called on-the-way to the venue..
just do your part, at least you are showing respect to others and to yourself.. ;-)

Ken said...

Yoon See:
I guess some people just don't know the value of time.
"Time and Tide wait for no man"
I guess they don't understand that phrase.

So are my friends and now every time if I were to meet my friends I need to tell them 1/2 an hour early but still can be late... ~sigh~ [speechless]

Lek Wei:
1st I don't respect people who don't respect others, that is totally rude!

Keith Leong:
Another favorite phrase Malaysian like to use "on-the-way"! They can tell you "on-the-way" even they are @ home just about to reach the door step to wear their shoe.

To them "on-the-way" can be from they bed to your house, not during the journey.

yoon see said...

Yeah, how true!
You know, now holiday mood....som eof my students have packed and go for their oversea trip.
I hope I have more time to rest, finish my old books & new books on health too.
Do the migrane still bothering you Ken?

Ken said...

It does comes if I did not take care of it. I'll just have to make sure I eat on time :)

Thx for asking!

Nessa said...

It was right of you to leave the place. First impression counts. If that's their work culture and you know that place is doomed... hehe

I'm a stickler for punctuality. 5mins late tak apa tapi kalau sampai berjam-jam, then bye-bye to that person! LOL!

Ken said...

Berjam-jam tu sudah memang melampau. I would have kill that person, If you know you're going to be very very late @ least inform if not I feel like a bozo keep waiting.

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