Crowd Lu Guang Zhong [盧廣仲]

What is your first impression when you look at the picture? A nerd? That would be my answer. But to my surprise, he is one of those singer songwriter which is quite well known in his homeland, Taiwan. He is Crowd Lu Guang Zhong 盧廣仲, despite his unique look, he seriously can sing.

How I know about him? Through a friend who seems to have common interest in watching One Million Stars, a singing competition in Taiwan and it is as famous as American Idols, with a panel of judges who gives constructive comments to the participants on how to improve their singing skills.

Crowd Lu Guang Zhong 盧廣仲 appear in One Million Stars (season 3) as special guest appearance to sing with one of the participant. Just so happen I lost one of the episode and that was the episode he appear. Just recently my friend Lek Wei introduce Crowd Lu Guang Zhong 盧廣仲 to me and you can drop by his blog and watch another MV called 100 Types Of Activities.

Lets enjoy his MV called I Want To Spend Extravagantly

盧廣仲 - 好想要揮霍



Keith KJ Leong (K3!tH KJ L3OnG) said...

omg.. he is nerd... haha..
of course he can sing, he is outstanding as he didn't package himself.. haha..

Ken said...

package himself? I guess that is his packaging. UNIQUE

Anny said...

Uniqueness always makes an artist :) U have to be Unique to make it.. and i think his mop hair is like a wig.. hehe.. smart guy! great voice...tks Ken for the intro.

Ken said...

You're most welcome Anny. Always worth mentioning if one is good :)

-Lek Wei- said...

a marvelous singer. he can sing high pitch. no wonder he also known as taiwan vitas.

Ken said...

For those of you who don't really know who is Vitas, probably I'll do a post about him.

I don't quite like him because the looks and sound cultic to me.

yoon see said...

Thx for sharing.
Nice voice but I always prefer English, Japan & Korean songs.

Ken said...

For chinese song, I like mandarin songs but not cantonese. If you understand mandarin some how them omph!! is there compare to cantonese.

yoon see said...

I do agree with you ken, I would prefer Mandarin to Cantonese. Somehow, I just mainly love English songs, Japanese & Korean songs...

Ken said...

to be frank, I don't care what languages the music are. As long as they are good music it more then enough. Be it in English, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Music is a universal language.

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