Nice Toilet With Stupid Statement

Last weekend I was working as a freelancer for a friend of mine in Sunway Pyramid. It has been awhile I have stepped into Pyramid, and now I've spend 2 days there for work. After refurbishment the toilets definitely look fabulous but there are a few things I find it so funny. "This wash basin area is monitored by CCTV for crime deterring purpose" as you can I took the picture at the wash basin area with a big mirror on the right side of the basin and it reflects the all the way to the urinal area. The CCTV is aimed at the big mirror so that it actually monitored the whole toilet instead just the wash basin area. Does the management thinks we are stupid? And where is the privacy in the toilet? We, guys are being monitored as we pee, how nice!

This is even more riduculous, "Waterless Urinal" look at the smaller prints below "Press to wash yourself only", hello!!! when you stand at the urinal, isn't it obvious that only you are using it and no other people. Why are there putting the small prints "Press to wash yourself only", who's willy are you going to wash besides yours? What a statement?! I think Sunway Pyramid should definitely do something about it. It was really a shocker when I see all these silly things they put in such a nice toilet.



Yumi said...

2 words..

Wei Khean said...

hahaha... it is funny, expecially the 'wash yourself only' statement. I've been there before, just didn't notice these silly things... hmm... i wonder if there are any stupid signs in female toilet as well. :D

Ken said...

I wonder too Wei Khean. I think they should put the CCTV in the ladies instead of gents. I don't think guys will get rape, right but the chances for the girls are high.

Why not they put the CCTV in the ladies...LOL :D

yoon see said...

Let me check it out the next time I visit the female toilet!

Ken said...

thx a lot, we will see whether is the same or not...LOL :D with the CCTV

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

The notice "Press to wash yourself only" can be misunderstood as is obviously the case with the writer's comments here. It is meant for users who want or need to wash themselves after urination - in which case you press the button and a slurry of fresh water will come out of the bidet nozzle to enable the user to perform his wash.

The notice is inline with the fact that the subject urinal is a waterless urinal which does not requires a conventional flush. Taking this into context, the notice would appear to be in order.

Perhaps the notice could have been phrased in more precise words and comments in this regard would perhaps be more constructive.


Ken said...

Hi Tanac,

Thanx for leaving a comment. What i feel is just that it's quite redundant, knowing the urinal for your own use only when you are using it.

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