Lakeview Terrace (So So Only)

Another disappointing movie, sigh. What happen to all the good movies? Am I too demanding? It is practically about this police officer take law into his own hands. Everything needs to go according to his rules. Even his newly shift in neighbor.

In the first place I was not too keen about this movie, my friend actually bought the tickets and then only tells me that I'm watching this movie. I was actually dead tired on Friday because of work. And after work I've watch this movie which I'm not too keen. Lucky I went home for a nap before I went for this movie, if not I would probably fall asleep in the cinema.

The actual action part only at the end of the movie and it's only for about five to ten minutes only. The rest of the plot of the show were more like threatening words only and no actions. Another boring movie ~sigh~ take a look at the preview and judge for yourself whether the preview attracts you or not. It don't attracts me, I wonder does it attracts you?



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