Start From Here

Few months back everybody was talking about Joanna Wang, and I was thinking who is she? Everybody was talking about her singing and how good her voice. One fine day, when I was out shopping and I drop by a CD shop and they were playing her album which I did not know it's her singing.

I heard a very slow ballad and it is very soothing, and I went to the counter and ask who was singing and the Salesman showed me her album. To be frank, I was really taken by surprise because if you were to just listen, she totally sound don't sound like a Chinese girl singing English songs. After much digging, I found out that she is a Taiwanese and partially raised in the United States. Her debut album Start From Here were release in early January and I just found out about her album recently. But to my surprise, there are still a handful that did not know about her.

1.Let's Start from Here
2.Lost in Paradise
3.As Love Begins to Mend
4.Bada Bada
5.Lost Taipei
6.The Best Mistake I’ve Ever Made
7.I Love You
8.For No Reason
9.Stages of Flying
12.New York State of Mind

This album is totally worth checking it out, and I don't hard sell something that is not nice. You can check out some website about her either in English or Chinese.



Yumi said...

she look like sammi cheng at a glance

yoon see said...

I do agree with yumi here, thanks for sharing:)

Ken said...

Thx yumi for helping me to download the video.

and you're most welcome yoon see.

Dora said...

I never heard of this lady singer coz seldom listen to HK/Taiwan songs. May check it out at Rock Corners.

Ken said...

BTW, she is only 20...she still have such a long journey to go...

-Lek Wei- said...

what... only 20?! her sound so mature. and really nt look like 20 lady.

Ken said...

LOL...I guess the was brought up in the States that makes her look older then what you expected :)

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