A Night To Remember

Thu, 30: This is the night where I actually fell down after getting the "yau char kwai" for my students while they are working very hard to complete their assignments to be handed up the next morning.

It does reminds me back in those days when I was a student and working very hard to get my assignments done, sleepless nights rushing for deadlines. I was there simply because I've nothing to do at home and since they did ask me to teach them how to use the market. I myself have not used the marker for years and not really a good marker user as well. But I do know a few tricks up my sleeves.

And of course so many years working from companies to companies you get to learn a few things or two. Since one of the brought pastel over and i showed them how to use pastel too. I'm glad that I watched and learned all these things from my previous working experience and now pass it on to the next generations.

That was me working on marker, which I totally did not know the pix where taken. But of course there were time I was just sitting there watching my TV series through my student's laptop. If there were internet connections, I'm pretty sure I would have stayed with them till the next morning. I left around 2 a.m. and when back to look for them around 7 a.m. to see how are they doing.

I do miss this kind of sleepless nights doing assignments, when you got the right crowd you will never get tired doing your assignments as you joke and do your assignments and help each other with their work. It is pure fun though it is tiring after that.

To my students, keep up the good company you have, it is hard to have good company where everyone helps each other.



Yumi said...

wow...u shud teach us using marker and pastel too...we didnt use dat also...
dat class is gila..i reconize some of the faces..gosh..but..good..they're freakin hardworking..

Ken said...

Wah busy ye Ken? I never made it to a college or uni classroom, lol! I was busy working to support my family after sekolah menengah, so I can only learn from books and self experiment.

diyadeary said...

u look diff in every pics..

photogenic la!


yoon see said...

Even if continue study until the degree or master level, the lectures only teach the basic…the rest it all depends on your self experiments.
How true Ken!
I can see that Ken you are dedicated lecturer, keep it up:)

Ken said...

thank you diya

and thank you yoon see, I was once a student myself. I don't wish to see my students to walk the path I once walk.

If there is someone to guide and why not and if they don't listen, I've done my part and I've tried.

No regrets! ;)

yoon see said...

I do agree with you, how I wish I have an ID lecturer like you.

My lecturers were all good and dedicating too but they only taught the basic, for example only water colour rendering class was offered during that time...but emphasis more on concept and overall presentation.

Your students are very lucky indeed to have you...as their guidance angel!
Btway, which college you are currently attach with ken?

Ken said...

I'm attache with Alfa, in PJ.

-Lek Wei- said...

What a considerate good lecturer I ever seen!!

Ken said...

LOL!!! Want to be my student?

diyadeary said...

i want!

can i?

Ken said...

Can janji u register and study @ the college I'm lecturing la...


mY said...

i stil going through this stage lo...haiz...

Ken said...

it is going to end soon. No worries ;)

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