Trick or Treat?!?!?!

Happy Halloween!!!

Trick or treat!??!?!

It's definitely a treat for me on Halloween Day. Woke up pretty early this morning to go and see my students, as a few of them were actually rushing assignments and stayed overnight at the college. I went there just to see how are they doing and anything I can help with their assignments. The pix was taken from the classroom as my students were busy doing their assignments.

After all the things are almost done, I went back home as I don't have class in the morning. By the way, I live only 10mins away from the college only. As I entered my room, I saw this parcel on my table and I knew it, the dolly is finally here!

To my surprise it came with a card too, and it is printed with her work that was posted in her blog called Dreamy Again. I'm really happy to receive such a wonderful gift on Halloween day and just as I mentioned earlier, it is definitely a Treat for me on Halloween no Tricks at all.

Once again, thank you Emila and it is definitely a wonderful gift.



Nessa said...

Good morning Ken! A new month, a new beginning... wah, I noticed a new layout too. Congrats! Very nice, I laik :)

Oh, you got your dolly oredi ya. *seething with jealousy* Hahaha.. just kidding la.

Nessa said...

Fuyooh, I'm the 1st commenter. *chicken dance*

Have a happy weekend!

yoon see said...

Congrats Ken.
I also see the "trick & treat" entry from my other blogger friend Anh of my closet dairy.
All are kind of individual....
Have a nice weekend:)

Ken said...

LOL up a brand new month a brand new blog...come let's chicken dance ;)

Nessa: don be jealous ye ;)

Emila Yusof said...

Yay! you received it!! Sorry for taking over 5 days to send it.

-Lek Wei- said...

wow!! Everything new in the new November. And no more bad omen in your brand new month too.

Ken said...

LW: Yeah...keeping my finger crossed.

It's ok Emila..janji sampai ;)

Wei Khean said...

Good picture of the morning sky... and it's a sign of a brand new start. Say good bye to all the bad omens :) Like your wallpaper! I better spend some time to develop mine...

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