Bad Omen pt. 2

It is not over! It happened just last night when I went out to buy "yao char kwai" for my students as they were saying back in college to do their assignments. Since I am staying so near, thought of paying them a visit with something to eat while they worked on their assignments.

I have no idea what really happened, after buying the food I moved out of the 'pasar malam' (night market) so that I could stay away from the crowd and go get my car that was parked at the end of the road. As I was stepping across the small little drain, I still can't remember whether I slipped or I took the wrong step and there I go, fell into the drain. Now I'm suffering from cuts and bruises, but it's just nothing compare those who have been suffering from emotional turmoil.

Hope this would be the last 'bad omen' for now, as I remember last time I faces a few 'bad omen' before it ended.



Mariuca said...

Wah poor thing!!! Some more tgh buying food for ur students. Get well over the weekend okay? :):):)

Mariuca said...

First here too ha ha!! ;)

Happy Halloween! :)

Ken said...

LOL!!! Blog aku x byk org datang. Datang pun x tinggal msg punya...LOL

yoon see said...

You take care Ken.
Just be extra careful.
I am sure God is always with you:)

Ken said...

Yeah...thank you!!!

Eva said...

omg...i didn't know you fell down? are you better now?

Ken said...

yeah...drying up time :)

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