Dining in Bora Bora, Bali

Nope, it's just a Restaurant at Kg. Sg. Penchala, Jalan Damansara. It was great fun and experience dining in such a beautiful serene place called Bora Asmara. It was actually discover by on of my students from the internet. After surveying the place, they made a plan to go there for dinner and invited me.

Seriously when I enter the restaurant, I really felt like I'm back to Bali again. It seems like going there in the evening before the sunset was the best time. And true enough it was just the right time to be there. Finally we were at the table that they booked earlier and as the menu reaches me, I browse through the menu and found the prices are just fair enough for such a beautiful place, between RM15ish to about RM40ish depend on the food you order.

The service were good and the food are good. As we were dining half way through a man approaches to ask us to take our time to eat our food as they will be musical performance around 9pm. We were there around 6pm and by the time we finished our food about 7:30pm and we really can't wait till 9pm for the performance. The food they serve are from Balinese to Western to even Fusion Food, I guess there not that much of Balinese food as main dish because the Balinese delicacy would be "Babi (pork) Guling" and "Itek (duck) Bebek" (hope I got the spelling right) are not being served here and this Restaurant serve only Halal food and own by this Muslim.

photos courtesy of my students

map to Bora Asmara

Lot 3330, Kg. Sg. Penchala, Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
tel/fax: 603 7726 0904 email: boraombak@gmail.com



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

This place is so beautiful! I went Bali before and this place definetely brought back the feel just like you said..it must be so relaxing having dinner there :):) the pictures your students took are all so nice..Happy Friday Ken!

Ken said...

Haha... It does bring back memories and I love bali and miss bali too.

And yes my students do take beautiful pictures.

yoon see said...

Thanks Ken for sharing.
please do share more on this makan-makan place.
Look like it was a fun day out Ken!

Ken said...

Yes it was. It was great fun as I have not been going out with them for awhile and time to catch up with them.

diyadeary said...

must going there some day, Ken..
tgk pic je dah jatuh hati.. LOL!

Ken said...

LOL. I know what you mean. Bila sampai sana je I was like OMG didn't know places like tat ada tempat mcm ni.

jordan shoes said...

I like your blog

Ken said...

Thank you very much Jordon Shoes :D

常州升级 said...

Although from different places, but this perception is consistent, which is relatively rare point!

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