East is Red

This coming month, I'll be involve with Keith Kee Coutures's East is Red fashion show. Everyone is being invited to this Oriental night, just make yourself avaible on that night, 14th January 2009, 10:30 pm @ Spacebar. For those of you not too sure where is Spacebar, it is actually at Jalan Doraisamy at Heritage Row just next to Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur.

Do come for this eventful Oriental night and have a smashing good time with oriental fashion show by one of our famous local designer Keith Kee for his personal touched on every oriental piece that is to be on the runway, come and be awe by this talented local designer.

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yoon see said...

thanks Ken.
I love to join this.
Let me marked drop on my calender!!!
So I wouldn't miss this:)

Ken said...

OK, try to remember then...all I can say I won't be free to bring you around as I'll be working.

Phirence said...

it's a another way to gather all our buddies there.... Exciting to have fun on that night...

Ken said...

So make sure you come. I'll only be free after the show :( hangout after the show ya, OK!

runescape gold said...

Very good!

Ken said...

Do drop by runescape gold if you're in KL.

贵阳川麻将 said...

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oyangfeng said...


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