Finally It Has Arrived

It was a busy and packed Saturday for me. Work up as early as 7 am to get really to meet one of my students for some discussion on his project that he's working on. Right after that, I have to meet another batch of students to go PC Fair in KL Convention Center. That was my first time to PC Fair as I find it too pack and I hate the sardine pack feeling. But this time I have no choice because I have planned for months to get myself a laptop. So I guess that would be the best place.

Yes!!! It is finally here right in my room on my working table. It is a Dell Studio 15 series and I'm already in love with it. One thing I've learned from PC fair, buy what you think you already set your eyes on it, once buy, no regrets. In PC Fair you totally can't go back as the people are so packed that you can barely go against the traffic flow.

This cool laptop casing was given to me by Jimmy Tan, a cool illustrator. He actually won't this online competition and rewards him with reward points so that he can shop online at the website he won. And he ask me select one that I like from the website and I finally made this choice. And it went pretty well with my laptop, both in gray color.

After spending hours in PC Fair, I have to rush back for my next appointment, my friend's (Szegy) wedding dinner at Mid Valley.

Szegy and Anne
great to see that you finally tie the knot and really happy for you

It was so rush that I don't even really have time to spend with my new toy. But it was really a great day to remember my friend's wedding day and my first laptop day :)



anny said...

i wanna toooo... to have my own laptop :) soon.. next year.. i'll surely get one.. hopefully! the casing is real cool man! and u know what i like best of the whole pic? I like ur working table.

Ken said...

hahha.. Thank you Anny. My work top is actually Ikea Dining Table. I bought one worktop that I don't like from Ikea and I went back to change it and add additional cash to get this solid hard wood dining table as my work top :)

anny said...

i seriously need a bigger table and chair with wheels too.. hahahaha.. mebbe when i come back.. i redo my working space. Have fun with the new Dell.. and do keep us update on the performance :)

Yumi said...

it looks thin from the much u got??
is it heavy?.it does look big..15" screen??

Ken said...

anny: so far everything is if you want to know the specs just click on the studio15 and it's all there just that mine is a 4gig ram.

Ken said...

yumi: thickness I think it's about the same, how thing can a normal laptop be, not comparing to those of apples.

heavy? not sure probably about 2.4kg i think.

Yumi said...

omg..dats heavy.VERY heavy. does look thin though..haha..picture deceives the truth..hehe..

Ken said...

LOL Probably it looks thin. I've no idea...

Khemy said...

ken, may i know the link for the laptop casing. It rocks!

Ken said...

ok once i find out i let u know...heheh cos i also dah lupa.

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