One Utama vs Mid Valley

One Utama
Little Drummer Boy was the theme for One Utama last year. Though this Little Drummer Boy is the Biggest Drummer Boy I've seen so far. All around it are cute Little Drummer Boy and of course stalls that sells items and gift for Christmas. I was beautifully layout with the piano keyboard as part of the design that makes the Little Drummer Boy goes up and down.

This year, One Utama is doing for Alice In Wonderland There for Christmas, or should I put it as Alice In Winter White Wonderland? There is so many characters in Alice In Wonderland and they only use the Soilder Cards as the theme.

As you can see here, they are trying to create a maze garden here and it actually took up a lot of space from putting more stalls to cheer up this place.

Very simple lit Christmas Tree, white and beautiful and accompanied by the white spade behind to link it back to the theme.

This is an idea, which I never thought of. Playing cards to decorate the Christmas tree and actually it looks good. That just give me an idea, probably next time I can use Mahjong to decorate the Christmas tree and I'm sure parents would love it.

Close up on the Christmas tree with playing cards and it looks cool. Since playing cards can be decorations for Christmas tree, so many ideas are running through my head. Getting a better and clearer picture in decorating a Chrismas tree with theme. I'll definitely doing it when I own a place of my own.

Mid Valley
This was Mid Valley 2007 Christmas decorations, the setting was like autumn by the lake with a lot of tall long grass all around the stage. Very beautifully lit cocoon like lantern.

This year Mid Valley is doing a circus theme for Christmas, and surprisingly they did it quite well. Just never thought Christmas and Circus goes hand in hand. Some how Mid Valley manage to pull if off nicely. Not too much and yet it emits the Christmas mood, playful and joyful.

If you were to look closely, there are animals all around the stage from bear, to horse, lions, so on and so forth.
I like this extremely call Christmas tree fill with candy like ornaments. Not too much just nice for the occasion.

Colourful tent and Merry-Go-Round stall all around the ground floor. Makes the whole theme more interesting and whole. Just like walking into a Circus theme park. All the stalls were selling gifts for Christmas.

While walking I came across this beautifully decorated cart with a puppet inside. It is too bad that there isn't any real puppet show, if not I'm sure it is going to be very interesting.

So, what do you think? Who has the best Christmas decoration this year? I personally would go for Mid Valley. As I find they put a lot more effort in making it happen. Wonder what would your choice be?



Yumi said...

omg...been months i never step my foot in MV, didn't know its so beautiful decorated..
and yes..the themes both of the malls had..are incredibly great.

Ken said...

I heard they said the curve is nice too. have yet to step foot there. I kinda like the snowflake christmas tree in ikano power center.

豪少 said...

I personally still prefer OneU 2007 christmas decoration. Love the super cute drummer boy! But this year they did a great job too :)

p/s: Mahjong on christmas tree? Looking forward to that! :P

Wei Khean said...

I was in KL for a couple days before my departure to bahrain. I stopped by Midvalley and saw their Xmas decoration. Wow! Nice! Carnival theme was interesting. I snapped some pictures too but I didn't blog it. :)

Thanks for showing 1U Xmas decorations. Both 1u and MV always have the best festival decoration.

Ken said...

豪少, I can imagine already mahjong on christmas tree...It's definitely going to be nice...LOL

Ken said...

Wei Khean, I heard they said The Curve also not bad. I can't wait to go there and have a look :)

Where are you now actually? Already in Middle East?

yoon see said...

All are beautiful!

TH said...

hi ken love the pics.. so pretty!

oh yeah you have not join my giveaway :) hhee... maybe try your luck.

Ken said...

Yoon See: all are beautiful but you can see which one has put more effort in it :)

Ken said...

TH: I've tried my luck :D

diYadEaRY said...

hi ken, I like MV when it comes to festive season.. they always did great job in the decorations..

Ken said...

yes. I totally agree with you. I think they do have a good team to do all the festive decorations :)

Ciyou said...

i just think last year mid valley design looks ugly. I love the design at 1-U. Got to quickly visit those places before they tear down the deco.....

Ken said...

Ciyou, last year I like 1U but this year I like Mid Valley :)

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