Korean Beauty Square

Hey, I'm back!!! I've not been blogging for few days as I was really busy with this Korean Beauty Square. I am not here to do the Interior Design of this shop but the boss of this shop actually employ me to assist his branch manager to organise the opening party at the shop and an event at the concourse in Sg. Wang on the 3rd December 2008, 7:30 pm. I am practically in charge of calling all the VIP guest from local artiste to models and of course my client's friends for this official opening.

I have been selected is simply because it is almost holiday for the college I'm teaching and I do know some of these local artistes and models. Besides the manager is actually my good friend (Phirence) who got this freelance for me and of course I also know the boss personally that makes everything easier to work with.

Just a brief introduction of Korean Beauty Square, this shops sells all beauty products from head to toe and inside out. I myself do use some of their products and it does help out with my skin condition. To my surprise, working there for few days, it makes me realise the spending power of women in beauty products, it is an eye opening experience. And of course nowadays the guys are not far behind with beauty products, the metro sexual. All I can say these products are not cheap, but it did bring some shine to my skin.

This two pretty girls are actually the staff of Korean Beauty Square, of course to make this event a sucess we need all the help we could and of course these pretty girls come into the picture.

Our emcee Ms. Yoon from the TV program Ho Chak interacting with some of the celebrities cum models. Obviously they uses the products from the shop and giving their speech on how good these products are.

Before proceeding to the shop at Level 3 in Sg. Wang for some snacks and hanging out at the shop, a group photos of all the local artistes and models for the medias.

I have no idea how to rate the success rate, but all I can say it did not went smoothly as planned but yet it turn out alright. All I can say is, I got my pay and I'm back to blog hopping again.



Mariuca said...

Hola Ken! You’re invited to join us on a BEAR-y special meme, have fun! :)

Ken said...

Ok sure marzie...I'll be there ;)

yoon see said...

Wow! You got so many these kind of freelance jobs! Not bad...

Ken said...

Since now I'm a part time lecturer, it's good to have all the freelance job.

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