Season To Give (Contest)

Finally, the moment that everyone is waiting for is here, "Season To Give" contest starts now!

I wanted to have this on the 1st December 2008 but fail to do so as I was busy with my freelance work. Finally get to finish this gift slightly later then the date I wanted. But it is all good and I hope you ladies and gentlemen love this candle holder that I've made some changes to the original ones. Besides that, there is a hanger to it that you can screw it to your wall as well. Have fun telling me stories that touches my heart and this colorful candle holder is all yours.

1. Since it is call "Season To Give", just write me a story, telling me the best gift you have ever received and base on your true story.

2. Post your entry at your blog and link it back to this post in Tapestry.

3. International entries are allowed too.

4. One entry per person.

5. Contest runs from now till 20th December 2008

6. The winner will be announce between 21st/22nd December 2008.

7. The winner entry will be selected by me(Ken) base on the best story (the ones that makes me cry, you know what I mean) that have been submitted.

8. Leave a comment here to state that you have fulfilled the requirements and I'll drop by your blog to read it.

So, better start work out your brain and start thinking what is the best gift you have ever received. And for those who are not blogger yet, probably it is about time for you to start blogging. All the best to all of you!!!



Khemy said...

chop! first commentator!

Khemy said...

ken, very the gorjes la the gift..must be fictional or based on true story?

Ken said...

true story la baru shiok!!! fictional no fun :(

anny said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh... manyak the cantik wo.. i want i want i want :p

Marvic said...

i nsk..i nak this one...

Ken said...

nak!!! then join the contest :)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Oh, I missed out so many things in this blog cause two days didn't come online and wow, so pretty......

Need to write a true story ar?
I feel like grabbing it out of the picture now! :D

Ken said...

Yes Cindy, it needs to be true story :)

Yumi said...

herm...must be christmas gift or any kind of celebration gift?birthday boleh ar?

Ken said...

yes, boleh. any gift you received. be it anniversary, Christmas or birthday ;)

TH said...

I am taking part, I wrote it

Yumi said...

good gift...herm...alryt

yoon see said...

Ken, thanks you are so kind & considerate!
The giveaway here are so nice, in case I don't win these, I would ask you a few question how you make it and where to buy the bottle and so on...

Sorry, a little bit long winged here...
Can I share more than a stories.
I have a lot to share...How about gift exchange?
Does it also count?

Actually I also got a giveaway over at my blog on 1st to 8th Dec.
Comeover if you are free.
So many people give away at this time.
Yeah, truly it's a great season to giveaway.
Cool! Merry!....
TH also got giveaway, you know or not....

Last but least, thanks for answering to my question.

yoon see said...

Btway, can I have your email address?
Can't see it here anywhere Ken?

Ken said... many questions where to start answering?

How to paint the glass, probably next time round I'll blog on how to make it. Cause I don't know how to explain by words.

The paint can be brought in any art shop. The glass is from IKEA. Just got to look for the right design you wanted to paint on.

How do you proposed on gift exchange?

Sorry Yoon See only 1 story and the best one you could think of.

And no worries I'll be going every blog for the giveaways as I was busy with my freelance work for 1 wk and now contract over I'm free to blog hopping again :)

Ken said...

Thankx for participating TH. :)

TH said...

great work ken, its unique. Hope to see more post about how to do it :)

Ken said...

TH I guess it's pretty soon, just stay tune ;)

Yumi said...

I've done mine too..


Ken said...

Thank you for participating Yumi.

About the link leave it as it is, I might just show up later :)

Nessa said...

Contest ends 20 December right? OK, I still got time :D You know lar Malaysians, alwes last minute... hehe

khemy said...

haha agree with nessa..truly malaysian..

Ken said...

Yeah, then I'll have to work OT to read all the post and select the winner...~sigh~ poor me LOL!

Mariuca said...

Ken!!! Aiyo the story must make u cry one ah? ;)

If happy story how??

Ken said...

No la, not necessary that make me cry. LOL if make cry then then I'll have to prepare a box of tissue and read all the posts...LOL

Anny said...

ok :) i am in :)

Ken said...

got it :)

Mariuca said...

He he! I will enter ur contest Ken, in fact I just entered TH's one, me slow poke la! ;)

Ken said...

I'll enter TH one too, soon I guess. I've been wanting to do but no time yet :) soon I guess

marvic said...

Ken, i have already post a true story for this contest. u can check it out at;

Ken said...

will definitely check on it :D

Thank you for participating.

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