Panta Furniture

Just few days ago I introduce you to Budji furniture and now I would like to introduce you to Panta Furniture which is quite similar to Budji's furniture, that I came across this brand when I was in Bangkok back in October 2006, when I went to Bangkok with my mom to visit my brother and wife.

That was my first time to Bangkok and my brother and wife showed us around and went to this big shopping mall call Siam Paragon. I'm sure those of you who went to Bangkok knows what they sell in Siam Paragon. All the expensive brands from Cartier to Lamborghini, so can you imagine what they still here. So happen when I was there Panta was displaying their furniture at one of the open space. This is how i discover this brand as I like the furniture that made from natural material but in a modern authentic furniture with an identity.

Just a brief introduction of Panta.
The name PANTA is derived from Sahasanetra, which means a thousand pair of eyes reflection all the good deeds carried out. The store started retailing in Siam Discovery Centre, Bangkok in June 2002 and the second store in Siam Paragon, Bangkok in December 2005.

The slogan of the PANTA business is originally design contemporary lifestyle, and what the designers seek to achieve is an integration of east and west, of classic forms and innovation; of the richness of time honoured traditions and contemporary lifestyle. The store also acts as a forum where other designers who share a similar vision can show their work.

Besides the unique furniture they produce, I fell in love with the home accessories they produce as well. From pillow case to vase and everything in between. All of the furniture materials are almost 100% natural. I seriously can't wait to have a place of my own to decorate them with all these lovely furniture that I like so much.



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

They are very unique and very natural funitures.. it would look so nice to furnish a relaxing home... :)

Anny said...

wow! these furnitures must cost a lot... but the designs are real nice.. wonder if its just as comfortable.

Ken said...

Cindy: If a big home to house these furniture then it would be nice. If not some of these are just too big for a small home :D

Ken said...

Anny: I think it is definitely costly and I wish I'm have the money to bring them in and market them since Msia still don't have this shop yet :D

Ken said...

Anny: btw I it's quite comfortable, I have no idea whether all are comfortable but I did try 1 or 2 of them. LOL

yoon see said...

Yeah look good and I hope they are all practical!!!
Happy New Year Ken!

Ken said...

Yoon See: Happy New Year!!!

I think some of them are not that practical but generally they are beautiful :D

runescape power leveling said...

i agree your idea ! very nice blog

Ken said...

RPL: Thank you and thanks for dropping by.

贵阳川麻将 said...

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superior said...

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kelp2486 said...


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