Bye Bye 2008

As I get older the year passes faster. To some people a lot have been achieve in 2008 and I don't think I have achieve much. But one bold move I have made in 2008, was to move from an full time Interior Designer to a part time lecturer. At first I did not know whether it is going to work for me or not but after 6 months as a lecturer, I'm kind of enjoying it.

The most that I'm enjoying about is the free time I'm getting, that allows me to do much more other things like freelance work and of course making this blog more interesting. Besides that I'm planning to continue to lecture and since I have time, I am planning to do something in 2009 with my free time. I am not going to say what it is but once I have kick start, I will definitely post it here in my blog. Stay tune to see what I'm planning to do in 2009.

My friend Emila has actually inspired me indirectly to do something in 2009. What I saw she did in 2008 was marvelous and I am awe with her work. So I tell myself that I wanted to do something in 2009 and wish me all the best with my new project in 2009. I'm going to post what Emila did in 2008 with her moleskin book.



diYadEaRY said...

Happy New Year Ken!! ;)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Lovely artworks..she is truly an ispiration! Anyway, Happy New Year Ken!!

Emila Yusof said...

Thank you Ken for featuring me in here!

I can't wait to see your new project for 2009!

Happy New Year!

Ken said...

Diya: Happy New Year!!!

Ken said...

Cindy: Happy New Year

She inspired me to do something for 2009 and I hope I make it happen :D

Ken said...


You're most welcome and your work is truly remarkable.

Bout my project for 2009 might not start so soon and it take some time to kick start :D wish me luck and once start hope it don't just ends there :D

yoon see said...

Yeah, thanks for your encouragements Ken and sharing.
Hope you are will be able to be in line of what you said and plan and as to take action. All the best.
It's my privilage to stumble along your beautiful, informative and heartfelt blogs.
Loving all the posts here:) No hard feeling that I can't comment on all posts, I am not a robot ...He..He..
So, don't be secretive, tell us your planlah Ken!

yoon see said...

A Brand New Blessed Year Ahead in 2009, a year full of joy, happiness, meaningful, and God is here watching your every staps.
Pray and be in line of your goal Ken. Just remember:)

Ken said...

Thank you Yoon See for liking what you see on my blog. I don't expect all of them to be commented. At least something I have done in 2008 is to blog daily which I try very hard too :D

About my worries I'll definitely share it out when something is done. Thanks for the encouragement :D

TH said...

love it..

Happy New Year ken!

Ken said...

LOL I love what Emila did too...

Happy New Year TH wishing you all the best in 2009 with good health :D

runescape gold said...

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Ken said...

my contact is in the middle column. You can email me there :D thank you.

Ken said...

But make sure you don't spam my mail. LOL :D

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Wei Khean said...

Happy New Year :) You have a good start for 2009, hope more great things come your way! I'm sure I will see more on your blog in the future. Good luck with your art project, i am sure I will see beautiful artworks from your creative mind and meticulous hand. :)

Ken said...

Thank you for the compliments and I'll definitely do something for 2009. I've already gather some information and I'm ready :D

intelligence said...

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yanyuedao said...


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