Are we being a puppet and let others pulling the strings in our life? I do came across a few friends that live like a puppet live. Which makes me felt so heartache to see them living a puppet live. There are times I feel like cutting the ropes that is controlling them but who am I to play God here.

I'm sure there are a lot of reasons behind each puppet. And yet sometimes I find that, they don't even know how to defend themselves and end up being a puppet and let others pull the strings and instruct them to do things that they don't like.

Sometimes, slowly without realizing it, that we have become ones puppet. Sometimes I see that my friends losing his own identity and him/herself just breaks my heart. Seeing them in such a situation is even worst then a bird being cage. At least the bird still can do whatever he/she likes just that in a confined place. But being a puppet, you have all the space in the world but it is always being controlled by others.

I do wish someday I have the courage to go up against the puppet master and cut my friends loose from being controlled by the puppet master. And of course the best is the puppet him/herself knows how to cut away and learn to be on his/her own. This is my only wish for all the puppets out there.



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Agree! People should wake up and gather courage to persue their own life and not being tied up by others orders. Good post Ken! :)

Ken said...

Thank you. All these things happen in our life daily. It's a matter of realising it or not :D

Anonymous said...

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Ken said...

Hi News Headline and thank you for the compliment. Will definitely keep posting whenever there is something good. :D

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Ken said...

Costume Jewelry: Thank you!

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