Ever heard of Budji? I assume not much people heard about and know anything about it. It is actually a authentic furniture brand by Antonio "Budji" Layug. That is how the brand name came about. Budji introduces us to the world of modern asean living - a mixture of rich heritage and traditional craftsmanship as well as contemporary needs of sensibilities.

Antonio "Budji" Layug, an international designer of furniture and interiors, was born in 1950. The third of eight children in a Falipino furniture manufacturing family, Budji's interest in design developed early. He studied at the New York School of Interior Design, and later, returned to the Philippines to study architecture at the St. Thomas University in Manila. Budji then spent seven years traveling the world, expanding his understanding of foreign culture, art and design. Upon his return to the PHilippines, Budji began to explore his native country's landscape as vigorously as he had explored the European and American continents.

One day on a beach in the mid-seventies, while watching two men build a traditional bamboo outrigger canoe, the seeds for a new venture were sown.
Fascinated by their skill and their use of native materilas, Budji began to design furniture that incoporperated traditional techiniques and indigenous organic materials such as pandan, bamboo and Philippine hardwoods to create sleek, elegant and throughtly post-colonial furniture.

I guess locally Budji may not be a household name but over the some other countries Budji as a Furniture designer has made a name for himself. I wonder whether Malaysian can't afford his furniture or hardly heard of it before. When I knew about this brand few years and and until now, not much people know about this brand and probably the location of the shop is not that out standing.

contemporary looking yet traditional way of doing it, that is Budji



diyadeary said...

ahh, it's so unique!
i bet the price must be expensive... :)

lambat lagi kot baru sampai kat Malaysia! LOL

Ken said...

Yes, no doubt about it.

BTW did you msg me through digby? I was far in my slumberland d.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I like it! It's pretty cool and like diya said, pretty unique too :D

Oh and I know it's a little late Ken, but Merry Christmas :D

Ken said...

LOL...it's never too late. It is the thought that counts :D

Merry Christmas to you too and a Happy New Year!!! ;)

diYadEaRY said...

takde msg pon ken, why?

Ken said...

then I think it's anny who left me that msg. bab i dah tidur then my digby got msg.

Emila Yusof said...

wow! what a masterpiece! love it!

Ken said...

Yes. I love most of his design too but it's too costly to own them :)

runescape power leveling said...

i think the archive you wirte is very good, but i think it will be better if you can say more..hehe,love your blog,,,

Ken said...

RPL: Thank you for dropping by and thanks for the comment. I'll definitely heed your advice :D

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michael said...


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