Rainy Days

I have been busy lately with students results as I need to submit them soon. Besides that I'm also getting worried for the next two months. It seems like the college don't have any subject for me to teach during this short semester, which is about two months.

I have once read a book called "Financial Freedom" by a group of people from Public Mutual Funds and after reading it, one point that struck me hard was, save as much as nine (9) months of your salary for rainy days. When I saw that point, my jaw dropped to the floor, when will I be able to save that much? The world is full of temptations and have some too many commitments.

If I knew this earlier, I would not have bought the laptop and that might just help me to survived for that two months. Now I am thinking what should I do in that two months, what can I do too? My rainy days just started and now I have not stopped thinking what to do next, planning, planning and planning. I just can't stopped thinking about it, simply because for survival sick.

Hopefully the clear and sunny day will appear very soon to light up my life.



Khemy said...

hi Ken,
Merry Xmas to you and happy holiday!!

Ken said...

Thank you khemy...happy holiday to u 2 :D

yoon see said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
You know, being a freelancer, is always not secure as compare to a full time worker.
Unless you know your next direction, you wouldn't be so stressful!!!
May be this two months you can do some upgradings like mastering the 3D! It's good and you can use it later.

Ken said...

YUP, but to master 3D in two months on your own is more like mission impossible. No worries will think of something ;) thanks for your concern.

yoon see said...

Not only for you Ken.
I also need to upgrade on my piano playing skill too:)

yoon see said...

Besides, take up other skills and plan for my future business too:0
Teashing is just a process. I guess you do agree with me Ken.

Just imagine the months without payment can starve us and......
What about if one is retire and without any income from work...and without any allowance from kids....the EPF fund already finished...that's no joke...It's about years to stay ahead instead of this two months.

It's good to be on the watch Ken and we all need to do something before it's too late!!!

Ken said...

I agree with you Yoon See, I have been reading financial books too. So I get some ideas too, no worries.

Sometimes just are just beyond our control. Just think what I can manage for now. I don't want to worry for tomorrow and let tomorrow worries for itself for now.

yoon see said...

I do agree with you Ken, things is beyond our control. God is control....just like the motorcyclist dropped in front of you...so scary...luckily he was OK!

Ken said...

Yup. Really thank God and I believe everything happens for a reason.

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