Season To Give winner is.............

Ops! It is way pass the due date for the Season To Give contest. I was busy with the students assignment and have slipped my mind. First of all I would like to thank everyone who has actually participated in the Season To Give contest.
  1. TH
  2. Yumi
  3. Emila
  4. Yoon See
  5. Anny
  6. Nessa
  7. Cindy
  8. Wei Khean
  9. Nessa
  10. Marvic
I actually have hard time choosing the winner and the best story told, in the end I'll have to resort to some help from family and friends. I wanted to put up the three (3) best story for everyone to vote on my blog but I guess time is not on my side, so I'll have to pass the idea. And for those of you who would like to know which three (3) post made it...

Emila's Reggedy Ann doll from mommy
Cindy's mother first smile
Wei Khean's surprise birthday dinner far away from home

To me all the stories are great and I know it meant a lot to each and everyone of you, if not you would not write such beautiful stories and touched my heart. To me everyone of you are a winner but there is only one price to be given out. So, after all the discussion with family and friends. And we have selected the winner...

And the hand painted lamp goes to.......


Next time I think I'm going to hold a contest that is less stressful on myself, if not I would have to crack my head for the winner. Cindy please email me your add to Once again, thank you for everyone participation and I hope this is not the only contest that I am having. Hopefully there are more to come.



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

I can't believe I won.yay! I am really happy and speechless right now cuz I can't believe that a true story about my mum and me could actually help me win this :) I am going to surprise her with this marvellous hand painted lamp of yours. She is back from overseas already and she bought me lots of wonderful stuff. Now, thanks to Ken I can give her something so meaningful too. I am going to tell her that she help me win this! Lol, I can't wait to see the hand painted lamp my self. It already look so lovely in pictures :):)

Thanks Ken for this wonderful and priceless gift of this once in a year season. It really mean something that I can't replace :) I like this so much, was thinking what to get my mum and now I got this. The timing is so right !! Thank you Ken, so much!

p/s : I will e-mail you my address A.S.A.P and Merry Christmas Ken!

Nessa said...

Congrats to Cindy!! :D

She's definitely a deserving winner. Thank you for sharing your story Cindy.

Ken said...

yup. to tell you the truth it did bring tears to my eyes when I read her story :)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Thank you Nessa! Your story is true and interesting too!:) While I was writing the story, I was crying as I write..than to prevent my dad from realising i have to quickly wipe it, hope my mum didn't see this yet, really want to surprise her :D Thanks Ken,again! Lol!

Yumi said...

GREAT story!!..heehe..

Mariuca said...

OMG! I can't believe I missed this Ken!!! I seriously thought the closing date was the 24th my bad!!! I even took the pic of the gift I was gonna story u with alamak! :(:(:(

Mariuca said...

But many congrats to the winner! And I'm happy to see Emila being shortlisted. :):):)

Ken said...

It's ok Marzie. Probably next time, cause I see that you have been busy lately and have not been updating your own blog :D

Ken said...

The reason for the closing date on 20th is because I could send the present out and reach before Christmas and now it seems like it's impossible :(

anny said...

oooOOOOOoo Congrats Cindy! I am glad you won this :) I am sure ur mom would be so happy to receive this... now that ur older... im sure your mom would be smiling more to you. She's probably your best friend! Well.. gotta run again... Merry Christmas to all and to you too Ken for this wonderful contest.

TH said...

Congrats to Cindy

yoon see said...

Congrats Cindy. Yeah, now there are more reason to smile along with your winning and recall again and again of your mum's first smaile.
Yeah, she has given you so much inspiration:)

diYadEaRY said...

i've read cindy's entry.. and.. yeah, i'm crying all the way to the end..
my parent used to be like that before since i was the eldest one.. but luckily, it start to be okey once i entered hostel when i was 13..

neway cindy, congratz!
you deserve to win this lovely giveaway!

Ken said...

Yup, her story not just touched me but the other panel of judges.

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

I am touched by all your lovely intention and took the effort you all took to read my long story, really a big thank you :):) Thank you so much!

Ken said...

You're most welcome!

Wei Khean said...

Congrats to Cindy! Hope you and your mom enjoy the gift :)

Wow! I'm honoured to be one of the finalists!

Ken, thanks for organizing the competition. :)

Wei Khean said...

Congrats to Cindy! Hope you and your mom enjoy the gift :)

Wow! I'm honoured to be one of the finalists!

Ken, thanks for organizing the competition. :)

Ken said...

You're most welcome. Probably more coming up since it is a success...LOL

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