Work It Out!!! Sweat It Out!!!

It has been months that I have not step foot into the gym. The reasons was, I was busy rushing off my freelance work, one after another and the other reason was getting lazy. When I see results after going gym, I kind of slack of and when I finally put on some weights, I will eventually go back to gym and lose of those extra kilos.

I have joined the gym for one year plus and has been going to the gym on and off. It is very seasonal for me to go gym, sometimes I am all hype up and go to the gym almost every single day and spend hours in the gym and sometimes I'm totally so lazy that I rather stay at home sleep and online. By the way, I'm with True Fitness at Jaya 33, section 14. The fee is kind of expensive but I am able to enjoy the facilities, to me it is worth it. Besides I don't like gym with too many people so this is really good for me.

Each time, I start of my cardio workout at the cross training machine, and I'm suppose to burn at least 600 calories but only set to burn 300 instead. To burn 300 calories, I'll be doing the same routine for about 35 minutes, can you imagine 600 calories? Practically 1 hour plus on the cross training machine. Since I've not been to the gym for so long, I've to start from 150 and slowly increase back to 300, which was the previous calories I set to burn each time I'm on the cross training machine.

After the cardio workout, I'll move on to the resistance area to work on the specific areas I wanted to built or lose some fats. Each machine has its own specific area to work on your body, so choose the right machine you wish. But each time after workout make sure to stretch you muscle. I guess this is the only way I could stay healthy as I don't really get involved in any sports.

After all the sweating, I thought of going for a swim and relax myself, but unfortunately the pool is close. As you can see on the right side of the pool are the male spa area. You practically find almost all you need here in True Fitness and True Spa, that is one of the reason I join this gym. Since I can't go for a swim, I went for a steam bath instead. After shower I'm off for lunch with my friends.

At times spend a few hours in gym alone is quite refreshing, listening to the iPod and workout, and leave the mobile phone in the locker without anyone disturbing is the best time to get away and relax.



khemy said...

chop! first and TAGGED! Yes you are tagged babeh!

Ken said...

yes babeh, will check it out babeh! :)

Thank you!

yoon see said...

Great to hear that you are back to your normal routine:)
I have visited Jaya 33 too, nothing much inside!

Ken said...

You're right, nothing much inside. I like it in a way that no much people will use the gym so I can have the gym all by myself...LOL

Anyway I only go there for the gym.

yoon see said...

How true!
Like you are the king there!
Btway, you still want your Christmas card with the Lat stamp or not!

Ken said...

Yes of course! If that is the case I'll do a glass painting on the tealight holder for you. As gift exchange ok ;)

Ken said...

Btw, it won't be the same as the contest and Emila's gift ya ;)

yoon see said...

Thanks Ken.
I think you are busy, no needlah.
I just want to send the Christmas card out to all that had participated in my contest....
but funny even those that won didn't email me?!
No one at all!

Ken said...

LOL I guess they are busy. I'll email you soon. I was out whole day and I slept early last night :) tired.

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