Permanent Resident (PR)

Still remember Grey? He was in my earlier post called Pack Of Stray Dogs, who got cornered by stray dogs and almost attacked him. During then, it happen behind my house and shift the Grey to the front of my house so that the dogs could not get through my gate and attack Grey.

But after that night, Grey has made himself a PR (permanent resident) here. Sleeping on top of the cabinet and just right below the alter. A lot of cats do come here for breakfast and dinner but right after meal they just vanished. I would never thought Grey would actually make himself a PR (permanent resident) here.

I don't mind Grey being a PR here but there is one minor problem, he keeps doing his big business in my garden and makes it very dirty. I've no idea and how to actually make Grey to do his big business some where else, before my parents get angry and send him packing. As you see the pictures, Grey is really making himself right at home with all the sleeping position you can think of. He even knows, when meal time, he would actually go behind my house for meals.

Grey was actually the second cat to be a PR here since the last kitten went missing few months back. Now I just wonder how long is Grey staying before he went missing again.



yoon see said...

Hi Ken,

I have the same experience like you too.
Those cats came by and doing those dirty business and stealing foods from kitchen.
My late mum hate them!

Although today is public holiday, I have a guest visiting me.
My brother is entertaining her now, where I come here and check between!

I have yet finish my second submission for IF and Monday submission for Cactus Monday!
Will do yours after these two entries, may be tonite or tomorrow.

Take care! Hope you understand Ken:)

Ken said...

No worries, the contest ends 20th Dec 08. Still long way more to go :)

my.firstSkizze said...

hihi..just found ur blog by accident. really sorry to hear about ur cat. but glad that you found one tat can replace ur old one for the time being. hope tat it will come back one day.. :)

Ken said...

I do how hope but chances are slim as kitten really vulnerable, I'm glad if she still alive not necessary to come back. :)

Thx for dropping by :)

Emila Yusof said...

hehe cats are like that; my cat, Tiger, makes my mom's garden as his toilet! We will later have to pick up his feces and buried it for him.

Emila Yusof said...

so cute la grey; sleeping anywhere he likes

Ken said...

He only sleeps on top of this 5' cabinet outside my house, from left to right and right to left LOL!!!

Ken said...

I just wonder is there any possible way to change his toilet location :) so that my house won't smell of his popo...

Anny said...

i think u found a permanent resident Ken.. hahhahaa.. lovely grey! What you can do.. is find a shallow box.. or tray...but 2 bags of cat litter... place it near where he usually poo... he might start to use the litter box.. then his poo is not so smelly.. cos u can just scoop his poo off from the litter box. Good luck!

anny said...

Err... how about letting me post Grey for my next Capture Thursday?

Ken said...

sure, why not :) help yourself with the pictures if you need it :)

Ken said...

BTW thx for the advice, will try it soon before there is a pile of popo there...LOL

anny said...

different cat litter box ideas :) for Grey :)

Ken said...

now I get the full picture. Thx a lot!

Ken said...

can i actually put the litter box or tray out in the sun and rain. because that is where the Grey did his popo. :(

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