Bad Timing

I wonder what is wrong with people nowadays, especially the younger generations. Timing is always the main problems faces by the younger generations nowadays.

Just recently it happened to me and I'm furiously mad. I manage to get five tickets to watch live Battleground (a dance competition shown in Astro) that starts at 7pm at MOS (Ministry of Sound) in Sunway Resort. One of my friend wanted two tickets for herself and the boyfriend and I'm left with three tickets so I ask two of my friend to coming along and I shall name them W and R.

R wanted one more ticket for his friend which I don't have. And I decided to give R the extra ticket and lied to my other couple saying the tickets run out. I was there with W before the show start and waited for R and his friend. One of my friend called me and I invited her since I have one extra ticket and she is free and in Sunway Pyramid. My friends and I waited till 7:30pm which both R and friend still haven't show up and I went in without waiting for them.

By 8:30pm R called me and wanted the tickets. The show is going to end by 9pm since it is a live show in Astro. I was so furiously mad that I did not wanted to answer the call, because I know if I were to answer the call I would have scream at R. As the show ends I just walk another directions with my friends and left the place.

I seriously don't know how come people can be so irresponsible and taking their own sweet time and aspect the whole world to wait for him. This is not the first time it happen and I was being nice that I thought after the first incident he might change but yet this happen again. Sorry to say but this kind of people will never get respect from the society because they never learn to respect others. I should have given the tickets to the couple who wanted to come instead of R and friend.



yoon see said...

Good to throw out your fustration KEN!

Khemy said...

sabar jer la...

Ken said...

yoon see : thx

Ken said...

Khemy: how to sabar when you waited for 1.5 hours!!! I went interview waited half an hour I left that place and never go back there. It's a matter of respect there. You fix a time and you follow. I haven't got all day sit there and wait. I got other matters to attend to :D

darenKeefer said...

totally agree!!
I'm hate waiting too~~
they seriously need to learn PUNCTUALITY jor...haha

anny said...

My solution if i have friends like R... i won't bother inviting them again even if i have 100 tickets.. hahhahahaaa.. but as friends.. we just have to forgive n forget le :) Ppl who are never punctual will always keep u waiting n angry.. so dun bother getting angry.. just enjoy the show without them next time.. hahahaha

Ken said...

Daren: I don't know whether you heard before a Chinese saying that says "playing piano to the cow" it is pointless because the cow doesn't understand. That is what I call hopeless!!!

Ken said...

Anny: definitely these kind of people will be removed from my inviting list even I have extra tickets. Cos I rather give it to someone who appreciates it!

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