Just few weeks ago, my ipod got stolen when I was in gym. Just a few seconds away from the locker and it is gone. Just never underestimate a thief's ability.

And tonight, two of my Sony Ericsson's S500i and W610i just spoiled. Was having steamboat at one of my student's place and one of them accidently yet carelessly pour some juice over my pants and tee shirt. I was kind of upset and I was drenching wet and wanted to change quickly before the juice actually stained my pants and tee shirt.

Once I changed and quickly put my clothing to dip in water, and without noticing my mobile phones and some cash where in the pocket. When I realised, it is already too late, both my phones were gone. I'm already trying to save my money for these two months as I don't have classes till March. No classes, no money. Now before Chinese New Year I've to spend a fortune to get myself a second hand mobile phone and another one after Chinese New Year.

The chinese people always says, "losing money to prevent a catastrophe", hopefully it did some preventing for me since it is going to cost me a fortune to get myself two mobile phones. Which I'm planning to get second hand instead of brand new ones.

About my ipod, I guess I'll just have to let it go and I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon as I am considering to get myself a PSP (PlayStation Portable).



lekwei said...

don't so sad. everything will come back to u if u work hard for it. no worry.

Ken said...

sometimes working hard for it but someone just easily ruin it. :(

Ciyou said...

Next time if u kena water at your handphone, let it dry for a few days, do not open the hp after you kena water.

there is one saying in chinese "old things go meaning new things come" ... It's time you can buy some new things~~

Choose PSP, I see people use it for music, watch movie and playing games at the lrt.

Ken said...

Ciyou: The phones lying there I did not on them. PSP will be on hold as I have already got myself a second mobile phone.

Nessa said...

Sorry to hear about your loss... I'd be upset too :*(

Anyway, I hope that won't ruin your Chinese New Year celebration :) Gong Xi Fa Cai!

豪少 said...

Ya, is better to get a PSP than an iPod! Haha.. Anyway, have a great chinese new year there!

Ken said...

Nessa: It did spoiled my mood on the spot but after I sleep it off I'm fine and will try my luck on mahjong table to win a hp back LOL

Ken said...

豪少: Once I get my hp back, next target would be PSP :D

yoon see said...

Happy chinese New Year.
Let forget this unexpected past issue and embrace the future with love, hope and joy.
God is always with you Ken:)

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