Was having dinner with my friend, and suddenly there is this huge blind man slowly approaches. But before he reaches out table, I realise something fishy. I noticed that the huge blind man only approaches table that actually have people, those without, he just skipped them.

Me and my friends finally decided to test it out before he really approaches. We keep very quiet as though we are not there and yet he approach our table and keep asking for money. We have been dining there quite some and the same thing happens over and over again. So you think he's fake or not? Only he knows.

And of course sometimes people beg because he/she was being force too. I use to work in Ipoh Road for three years and there is the old lady keep asking people for money. Keep asking for RM1, she would not settle anything less than RM1. During then I was actually working in the same company with my aunt and she ask the old lady why is he begging for money? She answer "Need money for food" and my aunt buy her lunch and not giving her a single cent.

After awhile, we found out that she actually begged the money for her son to go Genting and gamble it off. That is totally wrong but I guess she does not have a choice because if she did not begged enough her son would bash her up with bruises all over her face.

Sometimes it is just hard to judge what is right to do here. As for the so call blind man, nobody know what is the reason he is faking it or he is really blind which he didn't do a good job to convince me that he is blind. As for the old lady, if she don't begged enough money, she will get beating and if she begs enough, she would actually spoiled her son and if we give, we are indirectly helping his son to gamble and if we don't give this poor old lady will get the beating.

To give or not go give?



Ciyou said...

usually i will not give. Even those people say they are getting donations for the anak yatim I also will not donate.

My dad told us, if you want to donate, go directy to the anak yatim there to donate.

Just my opinion

Ken said...

Ciyou: I wouldn't give too, only God knows where the money goes too. :D

yoon see said...

I normally render my service to the rumah anak yatim but not donation.
Tjis also good enough:)

Willy's Diary said...

donate to world vision ^_^ i've been donating for 2 years plus...

and that poor old lady, we can't help her much tho, that is what she's asking for.

Ken said...

yoon see: my family gives direct to the orphanage or the old folks home. that is always better.

Ken said...

willy: you are correct and I did blog about world vision and I've yet to get myself a kid when my financial is better :D

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