Web of Deception and Lies

Max just found a new job, soon after that he made friends with everyone and of course some will be better friends where you can share almost everything.

Of course as days go by their friendship grows and more things are being shared. But little did Max know, he was slowly stepping into a web of deception and lies.

Max thought the friend he trusted was a good person and pour almost everything out to him. But just as Max turn around, his so call "good friend" betrayed him. The best part was he slowly throwing out Max secrets to others. One fine day Max was approach by other about his secret then only he realised he had being set up and fallen into his web of deception and lies.

Wearing a mask to be friend with someone is only a jerk's doing. Max took a great deal of time to get healed from trusting people. It is so hard to get himself loose from the web as the so call "good friend" was really a great actor that Max could not believe what he saw.

Betrayed by someone you trusted and cared about is the worst. All your hopes and trust just wash down the drain that instant, making Max so careful in choosing his friends in the near future. As Max tried to forget nothing has happen just be friends but it seems impossible as the cut was very deep.



yoon see said...

Yeah, sad ho. If got friend like this...pura pura to be friend and bongkak rahsia.....
It's not easy to prevent such people, how do you know at the first place right?
That's why, human fails and God never.

claudio said...

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Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Haiz...cruelity..actualy, nah..they are so uurgh! So mean! Pity Max..that sort of friend not worth crying for lah! So no heart punya people!! So geram with this type of people..only think of themself! haihz!

Whoa, kk..all geram lepas d..neway thanks Ken for the prize! I received it today it's just so lovely!!

Willy's Diary said...

I hate it when someone betrayed me, especially by the so-called friend!

ask max to throw his shoe on his head LOL

Ken said...

Yoon See: I agree with you God never fails.

Ken said...

Claudio: will definitely visit more. Like the work you have done.

Ken said...

Cindy: To Max it will never happen again. Good that you already lepas your geram LOL

Ken said...

Willy: Seriously Max thought he could forgive him and as time goes. The hate is still there and it's hard to forget.

Yumi said...

why there're such ppl? makin ppl hard to trust again. not only to gain trust in the same person, but to other people as well.

Ken said...

Yumi: These is what I call great pretender who can act and hide his alibi.

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