Remember I have this toy on New Years Day, It actually have a name and it is called Sunny Twin from one of the Dooodolls™ series. What Cindy told me, it actually represent a zodiac sign and I went to dig up more info regarding this soft toy that I have. And to my surprise, it is actually by one of the local graphic designer, Darren Chen. Just a brief story on how this company started from a mere hobby to a full fledged business.

The brainchild of Malaysian graphic designer, Darren Chen, Dooodolls™ founded in 2004. With the help of partners ,business has expanded exponentially. While Chen is the chief designer and creative director of Dooodolls™ Chew and Ong are in charge of the business side of the company.

This Malaysian-born company is seeing success not just on our own shores; the dolls made such a hit at the yearly toy fair in Germany & Hong Kong that a few foreign companies snapped them up. As such, Dooodolls™ now also available in parts of Asia, Europe and the United States.

Each and every Dooodolls™ skillfully hand-stitched to perfection. With 17 different designs and more to be introduce, each doll is uniquely named and boasts an even more unique character. They do, nonetheless, share a few common traits—they are all adorable and friendly, but ever-so-slightly naughty and mischievous. Just don’t take them too seriously!

Besides these unique soft toys, Dooodolls™ do have their own comics and animations which you can check them out in their website. Besides just soft toys, there is a whole range of other stuff like accessories, paper + prints, plushes & tees available as well.

With this story, the more so it makes me realise that sometimes dream do come true. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it and with the right contact, your dreams will take flight.



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

woohoo! yay..loving this cute Doodolls, I got mine on my birthday..was attracted to it's ability or so called powers..funny yet interesting..LOL :D ;)Hahaha!

yoon see said...

Lovely toys for both adults and kids!!!
I have previously read about them in some magazines and actually touched and hugged them in some toy shops. Seeing whether they can speck my interesting on buying....
Even though they are unique but I prefer something even more appealing than these. Their belong to the masculine type!!!!
I have a very high standard or requirement on toys.
I will post my toys' collection later on my blog and let you all see what is my cup of tea!
Anyway great post KEN and thanks for sharing KEN!

Yumi said...

yea brother know him...his ex colleague.
my mom's shop got sell some..but now finish d i guess.
i likey it too!!

Ken said...

Cindy: No wonder you know so much about this Dooodles, since you have one of them.

Ken said...

Yoon See: I do know what you mean. No all like this kind of toys. Everybody has their own preference in toys or any other things. It can one mans' food, another mans' poison. :D

Ken said...

Yumi: O! If that is the case, I'll do something and put in your mom's shop to sell too...LOL

Yumi said...

can can can..hehehe...but the business a bit u eearly 1st..heheh.

Ken said...

LOL...not so soon la...once my product is done will definitely let u know...

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