Four Seasons of Loneliness

Spring is here, and the flowers are blooming in their splendid colours,
but where is my love that is waiting to bloom in this beautiful hour.

The bees are attracted by the flowers that bloom,
and my love attracts nothing but loneliness and gloom.

When the summer sun is shining bright and hot in the sky,
but my love desire grows as the day goes by.
And the flaming fire in my heart is ignite,
yet I cry myself to sleep at those lonely nights.

As the green turns red, brown and yellow,
but my love goes on to turn blue and mellow.
The beautiful warm autumn colors that decorated the tree,
make my love wonder and free.

When the leafs wither away and comes winter,
so is my love that wither away too and makes me bitter.
The snows gracefully falling down from the sky like clover,
And my feeling for love just freezes over.




Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Ken, this is a beautiful poem...very meaningful and nice to read...always like reading your poetic touching!

Ken said...

Thank you cindy :D I not written any poem for awhile...almost got rusty...LOL

yoon see said...

Yehh, I do agree with Cindy, it's so beautifully written.
Meaningful and well phrased!!!
Narrating all about your past and current heart desires.
Loving these series of season pictures to go with the poem!
I suggest you to poat a weekly poem, then your poem narrating skill wouldn't get rusty LOL....
Keep it up KEN!

Ken said...

Thank you Yoon See, I guess sometimes when it comes, it comes. That is why I didn't write poem for awhile :D

anny said...

Ahh... the poet comes again :) Beautiful. Your love would be a lucky one. Nice drawing! And i m still freezing here hehehe

Ken said...

Confession, the image I found in the internet. Don't really have the luxury of time to paint.

You're freezing as long as not your LOVE... LOL!!!

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