Half A Day Without Phone

Just half a day without my mobile I feel like a handicap. Can you imagine how we are so dependent on all these technologies that surround us.

I find a lot of things can't be achieve without my mobile phone. I'm suppose to meet a friend after lunch for a shopping spree but I could not get hold of him as I don't have my mobile phone with me. Besides that, when the appointment were made through MSN and he was not online.

And I did not know I've a meeting that last from 11am till like 5pm and it is obvious my shopping plan is cancel. While I'm having my meeting I have a friend of mine help me go and get my phone and I could not get hold of him either as I don't have my phone with me. I find that without my phone there are so many things that can't be achieved.

Sometimes even without internet, I would be complaining of boredom. Can you imagine without my mobile phone and internet?!?!? I think I'll go crazy without both of them, I don't know about you guys but since young I am already fixed to my home phone but now with mobile it is even worst. Just can't live without it. But I do know there are people who can live without them but sorry just to confess I can't!!!



TH said...

hi Ken, my blogs were down but luck can use blogspot to post. Oh yeah you have to come back comment on the giveaway on what you did. Remembered.. come back.. come back.

oh yeah GONG XI FA CAI!!

yoon see said...

Take care:)

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