Mystery Gift

Finally my mystery gift from Marvic has arrive early yesterday morning. I was eagerly waiting for the mystery gift but when I shake it, I heard some sound inside which leaves me with a bad feeling. As I open it, the mirror were shattered and the frame were broken. I guess POS Laju did not do a good job in protecting their parcels. Thank goodness all the glass that I've sent out to Emila and Cindy where in good condition.

It was a mirror with nicely crafted frame that goes with it, it was a lovely gift but unfortunately by the time it reaches me, I could not enjoy looking myself in the mirror. LOL



Emila Yusof said...

Maybe it's the packing. Did Maria wrapped it in bubblewrap?

yoon see said...


yoon see said...

I sent a package to Iran. I also use bubble wrap but the items that I send still broken slightly:(

TH said...

nice but mirror break :( can you put a new one up?

oh yeah you have got award from this blog alsomommy.

also pls come back comment on what you have done in my giveaway.

Marvic said...

i had it wrapped in a bubblewrap but still it broken. Nevermind Ken, I will make something else for u, otherwise i dont feel good :(

Ken said...

Marvic did bubble wrap it nicely but somehow I guess POS Laju did a bad job handling the parcel.

I guess they should have a sticker for glass inside "handle with care" sticker like in the air port.

Princess Snow said...

Dropping by after received Marvic emails regarding this Mystery gift broken.. Really unlucky for Ken! Cheer up! Maria will replaced another new Mystery gift.. But, for the mirror, i thk can send it to replace the new one.:)

Princess Snow said...

Just realised the frame also broken. Then, cant replaced new mirror too.. -.-" Blame all on Postlaju Malaysia!

sweet lavender said...

Dropping by...
Nice blog u hv here! :)
Regarding the Mystery Gift, it's really unlucky day for u...

Sweet Lavender

Wei Khean said...

it's a beautiful frame... could u bring it to a frame shop to fix the mirror?

Wei Khean said...

it's a beautiful frame... could u bring it to a frame shop to fix the mirror?

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Oh man, that sucks, Ken. The mirror looks perfect. Want me to blast those no good poslaju people with my ray gun? :D

Ken said...

Princess Snow: Yeah I blame poslaju for doing a lousy job :(

Ken said...

sweet lavender: thank you for dropping by :)

Ken said...

wei khean: if you look closely the frame also broken into half :(

Ken said...

Spiff: yeah...blast all of them...

Wei Khean said...

oh, that's a pity!... well, i'm sure with your creative mind and hands, you will do your best to fix it. :)

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