shi-ki-sa-i [alternative t-shirt]

Ever heard of shi-ki-sa-i? It's what they call the alternative t-shirts by these Japanese designer-duo Noto-Fusai explores the alternative possibilities of t-shirt design, through the use of black print on white surface.

what is shikisai?
Incorporating the interactivity,the mundanity, and the sense of fun, SHIKISAI is trying to explore the alternative possibilities of t-shirt design, through the use of black print on white surface.

shikisai t-shirt collection.
Water comes out of faucet. the loose shoe lace you tie and untie. Very much an everyday situation, ought to be far from things like art / product design / fashion design. But once it is played on the stage of "white t-shirt" starring "black print", it leaps high up to art / product design / fashion design. Scenario is not difficult at all. Very naturally the collection communicates you the designers' intent, excitement and sense of fun.

shikisai designer

Noto-Fusai: husband (noto hirotsugu)

After his sudden resignation from teaching history at high school, he learned design from the designers like Susan Kralovec (everyday studio), Aaron Lown (built new york), Ted Noten and Gijs Bakker(Droog Design). Now in japan, on his native land, he is looking firmly at what he want/can/should do. Shikisai is his first project.

Nato-Fusai: wife (noto miyo)

Graduated the same design school as her husband, KIDI parsons, she chose the career school to learn technical aspect of fashion, like pattern and sewing. At the same time she started her career as an assistant of the costume designer Anan Asuka, under whom she takes parts of accessory design, hair and makeup arrangement for models. The original illusrations of Shikisai t-shirts are all hand-drawn by her.

(info from the main shikisai website)

Take a look at some of shikisai wonderful alternative t-shirt designs, and you will be amaze when you see more designs in their shikisai website. Besides these wonderful t-shirt they design you can take a look at Designer Duo that showcase all their works from canvas to accessories.


[venetian blinds]




Wei Khean said...

Cool T-shirts. Very creative... wonder when will it be available in M'sia.

Ken said...

don hv unless i bring it back n sell :)

yoon see said...

Cool! I want to design something like this to sell in the future:)

Ken said...

why not? I fully support you :D

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