Ever heard of Be@rbrick? It is actually collectible toy by MediCom Toy Incorporated. The name actually derived from the work Kubrick which it very similar to what you see in the LEGO figurine.

These be Be@rbrick comes in 10 different theme in teach series. Any they are pack in boxes with prints stating the ratio on the designs. Like how many percent of this design and how many percent on that particular design. But can never know what you will be getting inside as the box does not indicate what design you will be getting.

Be@rbrick are produced in limited numbers only and they will not re-produce the same design, which make it highly collectible and predominantly collected by adults. These Be@rbrick comes in few different sizes as 7cm as the standard call 100% and other sizes would be 50%, 70%, 400% & 1000% so you the math.

Leave you with some of the fabulous Be@rbrick design that has been release in the past years.



yoon see said...

Cute. I had seen these features at many places, magazines etc.
Just so popular!!!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

I like them!! So much!! ;)

Sorry for not dropping by at your blog very often nowadays due to the packed assignments but your post is forever that great!!

Have a great week Ken :D

Wei Khean said...

Ken, do u collect them too? I bought one last year too. Thinking of starting to collect, but then I never continue. I think it's a cool collection :) I like the wooden one that you posted on your blog.

Ken said...

Wei Khean: I don't collect them, but I do have one that glows in the dark be@rbrick :)

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